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Weekly wrap up 14… and 15!

Hi hi NEASTers! The very astute among you will probably have noticed… we skipped last weeks wrap up! Somewhere between kitten wrangling, outside-of-sanctuary-work, and brain meltdowns from the heat… we forgot! But we’re back on board now and can update everyone on what we’ve been up to for the last two weeks.

After our super successful Scottsdale Show, all of our kitties that found their new homes that day (plus one outside of the show) have been finalised! Our first litter of cuties are all in their forever homes, and the great news is that Ellen, Theo and Marla have all been finalised too! Through no fault of their own (well, other than Ellen smacking around the family dog…) these guys have been with us much longer than they should have, so we’re super ecstatic to have them out in the big world in their own homes ❤

Sammy the Siameses meet went SUPER well, and we were pretty confident we’d found him his perfect match so he too is now out on trial.


In other not-so-good news, Annie our little sweetheart kitten went out on trial and is now back with us at the sanctuary again as unfortunately the family dogs weren’t as keen for kitten company as the two leggers were. Whilst this is always sad, we’re super appreciative when our potential adopters identify when something isn’t working, and puts the animals safety ahead of their own wants and returns the pet back to us. We WILL find her perfect home, so it’s onwards and upwards for little orphan Annie! (That joke HAD to be made… come on…)


It seems like not that long ago we here at NEAST HQ were wondering… where are all the kittens? Well, we’ve found them. It may have been a later kitten season this year, but it sure is upon us. We are now the (temporary) owners of lots of kittens! Some are available and some are available soon… we’ve got girls, we’ve got boys. We’ve got tabby, black, some VERY unusually marked tortoiseshells. We’ve got a little something for everyone! Here you can see Frieda and Kaeti, two of our recent intakes – Kaeti is one of the most fascinating black tortis I’ve ever seen!


We’ve also taken in a number of young mums, some with their litters and some without – these girls were mostly strays and are a little bit shy. Once we’ve helped them gain confidence and spent some time getting to know them, they too will be available for adoption – watch this space 🙂

And speaking of nervous strays… Remember Larry? Larry is now Mr Personality! Michelle has done a lot of work with old Lazza, and he’s been happy to rub around her legs and purr for some time now… this weekend past, I (as a stranger) popped in to introduce myself and lo and behold, Larry decided to give me a smooch too. And THEN… Larry decided Colin looked like a pretty good bloke too, and gave him a smooch around the head as well! So Larry has come a long way, and is now making brilliant progress. Does Larry look like the kind of guy who would fit in at your house?


Now, over the past couple of weeks we have made some awesome progress on the cattery – completion is so close now we can smell it! The external gates are now up on our outside area so that is nearly kitty-secure – we just need to add some cat net to complete that aspect of the building process. Our plastering is nearly complete, and just needs sanding back which means… next step is painting! And finally, we made a very tentative start at our (temporary?) cladding – if this paints up well it will be permanent, otherwise we will be fundraising in future to replace it down the track with a better cladding. In the meantime, it will keep critters and the weather out!


It’s a final call on our raffle tickets NEASTers – you can grab them in Scottsdale at Begents or Roses Newsagency, in Ringarooma at the Garage or directly from Michelle or myself, either in person or via the Facebook page. We’re drawing in exactly a week!

Screenshot 2017-10-22 16.40.23

And another friendly NEAST HQ reminder coming up to Christmas – if you have an animal lover on your present list and you’re looking for some stocking stuffers, we still have some 2018 NEAST wall calendars,  Aussie made and owned, skin friendly goat soap, and NEAST bumper stickers and magnets available!

Sadly, days at the NEAST HQ have just become that little bit quieter, and a whole lot sadder with the passing of Cody, our sausage roll scabbing, wrapper pinching, site manager extraordinaire 😦  Cody came into Michelles life five years ago as a rescue when her owner passed away, and she’s not missed a single one of our working bees so far. The sanctuary and its working bees will go on in honour of Cody, but it wont be the same without her yodelly mouth and blue eyes.


Megan xxx

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