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Our vision

We want to close the animal welfare gap in the North East of Tasmania. Our goal is to re-home and rescue domestic pets in need. We have a strict de-sexing policy and hope to educate owners and potential owners on animal health and maintenence to break the cycle of unwanted litters. We are a no kill shelter and will always remain as such.

Our role

in the community

We take in unwanted domestic pets, have them desexed, vaccinated and microchipped then rehomed back into the community. We accept animals from local councils and public surrenders. We are a foster care based rescue meaning that all animals are raised in a loving home environment. This also means that we are limited in the number of animals we can accept at any given time unless more foster carers come forward.

Our hope

for the future

We are a new sanctuary and are slowly expanding. In the future,

we hope to see our cattery finished and purpose built dog kennels on site to expand our capabilities to assist. We are hoping to source sponsorship for food and essential supplies to ensure that our funds can go further to help animals in need. If you think that you could volunteer your time, tools or expertise, please get in touch with us!

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