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Tuesdays with Tim - July 30, 2019

Hi everyone, I'm Tim, I'm the Tuesday afternoon NEAST cats volunteer, and I have cameras.

Each week I'll bring you the best photos from my visit, and link to the videos on YouTube.

Let's kick off with... Miller!

Miller is so cute he should probably be illegal. Observe:

Sometimes he has a srs face.

That's his sister, Willow, on the left. She is equally cute, has even more love than Miller and will climb all over you to share it, but does not have white feets.

It was a bit chilly last night, so this chair rapidly filled up. Bottom left, Solomon -- then Owen -- Willow, top -- Miller, middle -- Sawyer, right -- Woody, bottom right.

Meanwhile, Gabriel was on the floor chewing on my camera string...

That's the Panasonic DMC-FT5 sports camera, whose day job is taking videos of my partner and me kiteboarding. And my phone, which has a spreadsheet of all the cats' microchips so I can bleep them and find out who they are. This photo was taken with the Canon EOS 550D with a short wide lens that can't zoom, so I have to be the right distance away from things.

Let's see, who else was photogenic this week...?

Ah yes, I got a very appropriate portrait of Ziggy, mid-whack. Ziggy is always whacking the other cats. She doesn't like to share.

And I left the door of the kittens' pen open and two large gentlemen who are very much not the intended inhabitants got in. That's Thomas rolling around on the top, and Owen TARDISing in the tiny box.

Here are the kittens. Emily with the black nose, blurry because she has things to fight and won't keep still. Jackson with the pink nose, and two of the black ones, but I forget who. They don't have chips I can bleep yet.

That's about it for photos. Check the YouTube channel for videos galore.


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