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Weekly Wrap up #17

Hello hello NEASTers!

Some of you may have noticed that our updates have become very irregular – and rare! I’m sure you appreciate that this is very very busy time for any animal sanctuaries dealing with kittens, and we’re no exception. It’s a constant rotation of feeding, cleaning, cuddling, bottling, medicating and trying to soothe the little nervous ones into trusting humans… that, combined with our usual day to day lives of family and work plus working on the cattery doesn’t leave a lot of time for much else! But it is so rewarding ❤

We’re trying our very best to make sure our social media doesn’t get left behind too much. It’s a work in progress but we’re trying our hardest!

In some fun news, our next fundraiser is now happening, and it’s time for Krispy Kremes! Once again we’re rolling them out for Easter, so those who want something a little different or (God forbid!) don’t like chocolate, you can skip the Humpty Dumpty egg this year and grab a dozen tasty, tasty Krispy Kremes instead! If you’re keen to order, hit us up over Facebook, or if you’re not Facebook friendly, message us here 😀


Since our last entry we’ve welcomed in a good number of animals – too many to itemise here! – including litters of kittens with their mums, litters of kittens without their mums, litters of puppies and adult dogs. They’ve come in from all walks of life, and you can check out our available friends in our Available for Adoption folder here. And we’ve also been successful in matching up some of our little cuties with their potential new homes, and they’ve gone out on trial, which (should the trials work out) is brilliant news for these guys.

AND we’ve also gotten Jasper and Mary Kate into their forever homes! Mary Kate has moved out into the world to join Felicity, who you may remember was rehomed with a long term NEASTers only recently. And Jasper… well Jasper hasn’t moved too far from Kitten Corner at all, as Michelles own cats love him so much that Michelle has chosen to adopt him and keep him with her very own cat crew!

Now if only we could find some homes for our kittens… we have SO MANY KITTENS at the moment – lots available, and more coming up soon. We have something for everyone – you want tabby? We got tabby! You want girls? We got girls! You want your kittens a few weeks older? We’ve got kittens from 8 weeks to  16 weeks old available. Maybe you want fun loving and playful? We got fun loving and playful in SPADES. What we don’t have at the moment is HOMES. If you know anyone who is keen to adopt, please send them our way!

In fact… you can send them (or yourselves!) to the North East Vet Clinic this Saturday if you’re going to be in St Helens for the regatta as we’re having an Adoption Day there, 9.30 to 11.30am! All of our available dogs, pups, cats and kittens will be there and ready to meet you! Help us to reach our goal of getting ALL of our dogs, puppies and adult cats out on trials and at least 50% of our kittens out on trials – this sounds like A LOT but we’re setting the bar high! If you’ve been thinking about adopting, now’s  the time to help us achieve our goal! Just look at these faces ❤


If any NEASTers who live in the Dorset area are keen to support us (and other enterprising locals) by purchasing any of our sanctuary fundraising items, we now have a presence at the Winnaleah Community Shop. The shop is supported by the Lions Club and Elders Websters, and has opened up on the corner of the main street, next to Elders and we have our very own stand in there! You can come buy our calendar, goat soaps, magnets and bumper stickers and they have become our latest drop off point for donations too. Come check it out – there’s also local produce (veggies, honey, Pyengana meat etc), as well as items made by locals (including NEASTs very own Megans photography, found onsite under Tassie Haus of Cards!).


A new – but sad – part of NEAST HQ that has recently been started is a memorial garden, for those souls that we sadly have lost along the way. It’s a side of rescue that we don’t like to think about, but unfortunately it’s very real – sometimes animals that come into care aren’t in very good health, are elderly or are just poorly from the day they’re born. We all do our best and work our hardest to help these souls, but sometimes they’re simply not with us for a long time 😦 This is absolutely the worst part of rescue, and something that has touched all of the NEAST Team at some time or another, and it really knocks us for six. So to remember these beautiful souls, we are making a little memorial garden with markers for each of these precious angels… it’s a work in progress, and one we’d rather never had to add to again 😦 RIP Gertie ❤

And what you’ve all been waiting for… the building update! The cattery and quarantine have come a LONG way since our last blog entry, and in fact are nearly complete! Our handy dandy builder Rob plus our enthusiastic working bee team have smashed through the VERY long to-do list since our last update, and it’s almost ready to go! We just need to glue down the flooring, fit the pens, secure the outdoor area with cat net and clad the outside of the cattery, and hang a door in the quarantine and we’re nearly done!


Phew! That was a long update – and a long time coming.

So how can our NEASTers and friends help support us at this very intensive and expensive time of year? You can…

  1. Share our Facebook page/posts with your friends, esp ones who are looking to adopt

  2. Donate food, litter etc – we go through a lot during peak kitten season!

  3. Donate money to go towards our ever growing vet bills

  4. Purchase our fundraising items and help us to advertise our sanctuary

  5. Support our current fundraiser, the Krispy Kremes

  6. Tell your pets you love them

  7. Cake.

That’s all for now NEASTers, hopefully next time we blog we’ll be telling you about our extra awesome wonderful fantastic Adoption Day ❤

Megan x

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