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Dogs available for adoption


Adopted! Rusty loves to run and play fetch and frisbee, but is also very good and quiet indoors. He would make an excellent running buddy. Great with other dogs. He needs a home where there is no access to sheep.



A bouncy, goofy sweetheart who will give anything for cuddles on the couch with you. Loves a walk and a good game of tug-of-war. Excellent with children, but a bit of a lottery with other dogs. She would benefit from being the only dog in the family.


Cats and kittens available for adoption


FEMALE, born DEC 2017


Can be shy when you first meet her.

FEMALE, born APR 2018


Fluffy, so fluffy! Part Manx.

FEMALE, born OCT 2018


Abyssinian cross. Can be cross.

Likes paper bags.

MALE, born SEP 2018


Needs work to win his trust.

Friends with Gabriel and Woody.

MALE, born MARCH 2018


Woody loves a lap and a pat. Like Gabriel, he is a long-term resident, so may be shy for a while in a new home.

MALE, born NOV 2017


Falls over and rolls around

when patted. Needs a home with other cat friends.

FEMALE, born APR 2018


She's a little bit fuzzy.

Also part Manx.

MALE, born OCT 2016


Big friendly chubster.

FEMALE, born JULY 2016


Would like a home of her own - cranky with other cats.
At a foster home, not at HQ.

MALE, born JAN 2019 


Pandora's son.

Friendly and active once he gets to know you. Has almond-shaped eyes.

MALE, born NOV 2017


Fuzzy with a thin tail.

Not too sure about people.

FEMALE, born OCT 2018


Abyssinian cross.

Does not wish to be touched

by hooman.

FEMALE, born  MAY 2017


Resourceful beach cat,

rescued from a campsite.

At a foster home, not at HQ.

MALE, born  DEC 2017


Friendly and stripy with a nick in one ear. Has been with us a long time, so may take a while to settle into a new home.


MALE, born OCT 2019

Fun and active, likes to wrestle. Honorary third Stooge brother.


FEMALE, born OCT 2019

Very people-oriented, outgoing, confident, playful and loving.

Likes to climb on your shoulder.


FEMALE, born MAR 2019

Fuzzy, rolly and friendly.


MALE, born JAN 2020

Possibly the boofiest kitten in the entire universe. Captain of the future world champion Kitten Rugby team, the All Black And Whites.


FEMALE, born FEB 2020

Adopted! Cute, confident and simply adorable, darling!


FEMALE, born MAR 2020

Adopted! Wants to be your BFF once you earn her trust.


FEMALE, born MAR 2020

Cheeky and active, grey torbie with fun splashes of orange. Part Manx, the only one of her siblings to have no tail. AVAILABLE SOON


MALE, born MAR 2020

The manxie siblings' auntie at their first home was a dog, and Arnie seems to have picked up a few doggy tricks. AVAILABLE SOON


FEMALE, born MAR 2020

Initially shyer than sister Holly,
but then warms up to the pats.
Also likes to push ping-pong balls and squash Hank. Spotty.


MALE, born OCT 2019

Two Stooges now - Larry is adopted!

Easygoing little brothers, though can be shy in new environments.


FEMALE, born MAR 2019

Ready to do battle with anything that wiggles.


MALE, born JAN 2020

Adopted! Outgoing and friendly even to strangers. He loves you, oh how he loves you....


MALE, born JAN 2020

A member of the future world champion Kitten Rugby team,
the All Black And Whites.


MALE, born FEB 2020

Fluffy! A bit hidey right now, but he's living with the future world champions of Kitten Rugby, so can you blame him?


MALE, born MAR 2020

Adopted! Chatty, friendly and loves to be where you are. May actually be a puppy in disguise.


FEMALE, born MAR 2020

Like her sister Charlotte, cheeky and active, bit of a lap magnet.
Has a tail, and orange splotches in different locations. AVAILABLE SOON


MALE, born MAR 2020

Chonky, playful and outgoing, but not too hyper. Speckled agouti pattern on his body. Possible future Kitten Rugby team member.


MALE, born MAR 2020

May be shy and hidey at first, but watch out once he decides he likes you - he will not let you stop the pats!


FEMALE, born OCT 2019

Cheeky monkey! Has a mirror image half-white ear to her sister Mouse, and also a cool half-white tail.


FEMALE, born MAR 2019

Soft and shiny with a noisy motor. Can be shy and take a while to come out of her shell in new environments.


MALE, born JAN 2020

A member of the future world champion Kitten Rugby team,
the All Black And Whites.


MALE, born JAN 2020

A tiny little anklebiter who cuddles in your lap when he's finally worn out. Reserve player for the All Black And Whites.


FEMALE, born MAR 2020

Cheeky, a bit bossy,
and knows what she wants.
She loves to help with cleaning.


MALE, born MAR 2020

A bit shy, friendly once you earn his affection. He has a sunny nature, is a bit of a clown and loves to play.


MALE, born MAR 2020

This little superman has tons of energy, and it's hard to photo him when he's on the go, so we had to wait for him to take a nap. AVAILABLE SOON


FEMALE, born MAR 2020

Playful like brother Hugo,
but not as keen on being patted -
has more important things to do.
Swirly tabby with white feet.

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