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Dogs available for adoption


Leeroy is a very energetic boy who will require a home with the patience and willingness to train him, as he is a large overgrown puppy who is very full-on and boisterous. He needs a gentle hand as he is a very soft-natured boy. Good at climbing and digging - needs a very secure yard.


FEMALE, under 1 YEAR

Dixie would love her new home to be an active one, where she is included in family life and everyday activities. Still being an exuberant pup, she will need someone who can provide her with ongoing formal training and give her good established boundaries. A big bonus would be if her new family was interested in teaching her noseworks or tracking, which she would absolutely love. She would also do well in a home with another playful dog to help use up some of her puppy energy.



Harley is a big, overgrown pup with a lot of energy. She spent quite a lot of time on her own before coming into foster care, so gets very excited around other dogs. Affectionate and really wants to please, uncertain in new environments. She needs a family willing to put in the time and training to help her continue to grow into her best self.



Please check on the SavourLife Adopt-A-Dog website in case there are more dogs who have come or gone since this gallery was last updated!



When Bella's mum passed, her whole world turned upside down. Bella would best suit a home where she has someone home most of the time. She's happy to play ball but equally happy to snuggle up on the couch with you. Bella had a rough start to life, so takes a while to trust you, but once she does she'll be your best friend.


Cats and kittens available for adoption


MALE, born NOV 2017


Falls over and rolls around

when patted. Needs a home with other cat friends.

MALE, born JAN 2019 


Pandora's son.

Hidey at first, but friendly and active once he gets to know you.

Has almond-shaped eyes.

MALE, born NOV 2017


Fuzzy with a thin tail.

Not too sure about people.

FEMALE, born MAR 2019


Soft and shiny with a noisy motor. Initially shy, sometimes struggles to get along with other cats. Really hates being hissed at by kittens.

FEMALE, born  MAY 2017


Resourceful beach cat,

rescued from a campsite.

At a foster home, not at HQ.

More pics soon

MALE, born OCT 2019


Two Stooge brothers. (Curly is already adopted) They're both pretty easygoing dudes. Mo pictured, meditating in an empty water bowl, because why not?


Ready to do battle with anything that wiggles.

FEMALE, born MAR 2019


Mogwai's brother. Does a good menacing owl impersonation,

but he's scaredy, not scary!

MALE, born APR 2019


A playful, cheeky lap magnet with a noisy motor. Has visible stripes, although these will probably become a secret hidden feature as she gets older.

FEMALE, born DEC 2020


Cheeky, adorable little bugger made of love and fun. He even has a tiny white tip on the end of his tail like a cartoon cat. Indoor home or with shady enclosure, to protect his pink nose from the sun.

Located in St Helens.

MALE, born DEC 2020


The biggest little panther
in a room full of little panthers.
Typical fun rough-and-tumble lad.

MALE, born NOV 2020


ADOPTED! Wuzzy but a little bit shy, will need some love and patience to befriend him.

MALE, born DEC 2020


Scaredy is not very scaredy once she gets to know you - she loves pats and tangling your feet.
Her favourite toy is an old red plastic party popper.

Located in St Helens.

FEMALE, born NOV 2020


But wait, we're not done with nice dark torties - here's Autumn, the long-haired version!

FEMALE, adult


Please check the NEAST Cats Videos Facebook page for photos, videos, news about more cats who will be available soon, and any who have come or gone since this gallery was last updated!
Others you may come across include - Lucy, His Nibs, Tucker, Theodore, Sawyer, Solomon, Spider, Toni, Turtle, and more.



Fuzzy, rolly and friendly.
Sister of Licky and Emily.

FEMALE, born MAR 2019


Two 'Ducktails' brothers -
Also known as Barney and Dougal. Barney/Dewey is the one with the white on his chest, who likes to climb on your shoulder.

MALE, born OCT 2020


Independent, loves to play, may take a little while to become snuggly. Loves to wrestle with her brother, Spook.

FEMALE, born DEC 2020


Stella has a world-class resting bitch face, but she is lovely and chatty and completely harmless. She is looking forward to settling down to a comfortable life with some nice human servants and preferably minimal other cats.

FEMALE, born JAN 2019


Yes, he does have a twin brother named Andy.
Hamish has more orange around his nose.

MALE, born JAN 2021


She's white and black, and likes to push balls in the ball track.

FEMALE, born JAN 2021


Named after the queen with the dragons in 'Game of Thrones', but don't worry, her babies have grown up and flown away and she is well over her 'razing cities to the ground' phase and just wants to snuggle up next to you.

Located in St Helens.

FEMALE, born APR 2019


The mum of Zoe, Hamish, Andy, etc.
Callie is a bit shy and skittish, and might take a little bit to feel comfortable, but when she does she is very affectionate and a total purr machine.
She gets along well with other cats and loves to play with them.

FEMALE, born APR 2019


A sweetie who just needs a little time to learn to trust you. Unlike her namesake, is safe to feed after midnight.

FEMALE, born APR 2020


They are not actually babies anymore, but still cute.
Klaus (M) - front.
Yasmin (F) - back right *ADOPTED*.
Luca (M) - middle back.
Elvi (F)
- back left.

born NOV 2020


If there is fun to be had anywhere, Spook will be there having it. Good luck getting him to give someone else a turn with a wiggly toy!

MALE, born DEC 2020


Matt and Cole (male) and Ebony, Cinders and Ash (female). They are all black, and extremely into untying shoelaces.
Brother Inky is already adopted.

 born DEC 2020


Brother of aforementioned Hamish.

MALE, born JAN 2021


A little shy and standoffish at first, but should come around quickly with a bit of love.

FEMALE, born DEC 2020


Basically a younger version of Daenerys with fewer ginger splotches.

FEMALE, born MAR 2020


Sweet, petite and a little bit rowdy.
If you have a space in your heart and home that needs filling with a tiny pocket rocket, Xena may be the girl for you.

FEMALE, born FEB 2021