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Weekly Update #12!

Hi NEASTers!

Another super week in NEAST HQ. Wow, we really do love writing that! Nearly as much as we love matching our little friends up with their new families ❤

Great news to start with – Teddy (our lil Pomeranian friend whose owner sadly passed away), Max the border collie x pup, Felicity our lovely shy girl and Sophia the stunning (and giant!) Maine Coon have all been finalised and moved on to their new homes forever! So not only did we achieve our trifecta, we even added to it! Yay! We’ve gotten wonderful feedback from the new owners about how these fuzzsters have settled into their new homes, whish is great to hear.

And in other wonderful news, our longest term resident Marla on trial – fingers crossed she slots in with her new kitty siblings and their big hearted, wonderful parents ❤ ❤

And it is extra wonderful to get our furry friends into their forever homes at this time of year, as not only did we get the litter of domesticated stray kittens we were expecting… but they came in with extras! They turned out to be a litter of four gorgeous little cuties, and when Michelle arrived to pick them up, the NEASTer had also managed to catch their mum, a tortoiseshell domestic short hair.  We also received a request on the same day to take in another two kittens, so our litter turned into six kittens plus one cat. In awesome news, when everyone went to the vets for a check up, our vet nurse fell in love and one kitten has already found his new home, and another has a meet this coming Thursday. Two down, four to go! Our little sweethearts are available for adoption now, however you’ll have to be patient as they need neutering first! Also, mum has been neutered, chipped, vaxxed etc and is recovering with our foster carer Erica and will be available for adoption soon!


Time for a bit of an update after last weeks post: we have now taken in both of the beagles from the same sad situation that Teddy came from, as well as Sammy the Siamese. The anticipated second Siamese was never located. All three of these guys are middle aged to senior – Sally and Louie the beagles are 12 and 11 respectively, and Sammy is 12. In spite of their age, they’re all been declared in great health by our vet, and they all have really sweet, sociable personalities. All three will be up for adoption once their vet work is completed.


We here at the North East Animal Sanctuary Tasmania are always happy to help out where we can in these situations, but unfortunately taking in older animals can work out very expensive as they can often need extensive vet work – in this case, all three had blood work done to determine their health (which they passed with flying colours!), Sammy requires dental extractions, Sally requires dental cleaning, treatment for an infected eye and support for arthritis, and Louie requires an x-ray to check his back/hips, potentially more depending on the results of the x-ray, and also needs support for arthritis. Their vet bills are expected to achieve – and possibly exceed – $1000. This is where our wonderful supporters come in! Any financial donations are wonderful and we sincerely thank our  fantastic NEASTers and Kodi’s Army supporters who have already donated what they can towards the cause – we have raised just over $300 towards their vet bills to date.

Time for our working been update… our builder was super busy with building our door frame, then hung our cattery door, so now our new cattery is nearly ready… just to finish the plastering, painting, then flooring and install the cages! So close! Then we have to do all this again in the Quarantine area… fingers crossed for a big weekend this week!


And a quick raffle book update – tickets can now be purchased from the good souls at the  Ringarooma Garage!

And finally, please come find us at the Scottsdale Show! Over the two days we have lots planned… you can come check out and purchase our 2018 merchandise (calendar, tote, magnets, bumper sticker), and if you like what you see there, you might like to sign up as a Friend of NEAST where you can take home some or all of them! You can also see some of our raffle prizes and grab tickets for that, or purchase our fundraising goat soaps. Also, you can not only meet some of our team, but also some of our gorgeous adoptees – you never know who you’ll meet on the day but it could include our older kittens/adult cats, our newest baby intakes or our Show Superstar Colin, who will be entering the cat show! Come find us and say hello, we’ll be next to the animal tent (naturally!) and we can’t wait to meet you – bonus points if you bring doughnuts 😉

Hope you all have a wonderful week, and Michelle looks forward to seeing you all on Friday and Saturday at the show!

Megan xxx

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