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Welcome to our inaugural blog post!

Hello to any loyal NEASTers who have found your way to our brand new blog,and hello to anyone who may have stumbled across us who may not know what we’re about! We’re rapt to see you here and can’t wait to share loads more posts with you ❤

To anyone who isn’t familiar with the North East Animal Sanctuary Tasmania, a quick summary – we are located in the north east of Tasmania (Australia) and we are a new animal sanctuary dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re homing of domestic pets – primarily cats/kittens and dogs/puppies. Though we have in our 18 months as an animal sanctuary also helped out a couple of ponies and a handful of goats! In this time we’ve helped match up over 80 animals with their new owners, and we’re pretty damn proud of that. It’s a great number but we KNOW we can do better, esp with the help of our NEASTers!

We have a LOT of long term goals but at the present we are focusing on taking in and re homing the maximum number of cats/kittens and dogs/puppies as we can, whilst we fundraise for/build our kennels, larger cattery and upgrade the ‘Kitten Corner’. Completing these projects will allow us to take in a significantly larger number of animals needing homes, and will also allow us to start working towards a few longer term goals.

You can learn more about the sanctuary, including our mission statement etc by checking out our website at It is a bit of a work in progress but we’re getting there! (Do you have some spare time and a super knowledge of running a website??? Feel free to contact us!) You can also see a lot of updated information about who we are, our animals available for adoption, any fundraising we’re doing and just some general mayhem and shenanigans by checking us out on Facebook at

So… why a blog, you ask? Well with the pending start of all of our building work, we thought it might be awesome to share the progress with our supporters – after all, a good percentage of the money raised to build these has come from you guys! So we’re keen to record our progress – good, bad and ugly – and share it with our supporters, and anyone else who might like to see whats happening. This means everyone can see where their hard earned has gone, and how much it has contributed to the rise of the North East Animal Sanctuary Tasmania! It also gives us an opportunity to show you more about the sanctuary and let you get to know more details about us – who we are, what we’re doing, why we do it… the opportunities are endless!

(And whilst we’re talking financial support, a big shout out to the Harcourts Foundation/Harcourts Real Estate and SavourLife dog food who have both been awesome to us and helped us hugely by contributing financially to our work!)

So.. watch this space 🙂 We’ll be updating where we can, and we look forward to sharing our journey with you!

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