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Hello lovely NEASTEers!

It’s Megan again 🙂

(If you’re new to following the sanctuary, we like to call our supporters our NEASTers 🙂 NEAST = North East Animal Sanctuary Tasmania.)

Today was delivery day for the Krispy Kremes! Thanks so much to everyone who supported us with this fundraiser – the money raised will be going towards our ongoing building projects – the cattery, the kennels and the new quarantine area. And of course, we all get to eat krispy kremes… IN TASMANIA… which we don’t get to do every day. It’s a win win for everyone! We will be running another KK Fundraiser in 2018, so stay tuned if you missed out this time or want to go around again. To make sure you don’t miss out, message us with your name and email address to go on our mailing list!

And of course thank you to the tireless supporters who run around spreading the word and gathering orders for us also ❤


So what next? Between now and end of 2017…

  1. We have some plans to run a raffle to top up our fundraising drive for the building project,

  2. We are looking to establish a sponsorship program for our permanent fosters or long term available pets still looking for homes,

  3. LOTS of building!

  4. Starting to sort out a line of branded products – we’re presently selling t-shirts for both men and women, however we’re looking into mugs, pens etc. (Check out our tees here and here )

  5. To continue the ongoing process of establishing our reputation and brand within the Dorset and Break O’Day municipalities via advertising, word of mouth etc (watch this space – we have a pretty cool idea for Scottsdale soon!)

  6. We want to start using this blog to introduce you guys to our lovely residents here in the sanctuary! More pics, maybe some videos, lots of details!

Is there anything you’d like to see us use this blog for? We’d love your feedback!

Time to knock off here at NEAST… and enjoy a well earned Krispy Kreme! (And one dodgy selfie!)


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