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Friday night wrap up!

Hi NEASTers! Wow. It has been a huge week for us here at NEAST HQ.

And we mean HUGE.

This happened early in the week in preparation for starting the building work on the Cattery – thanks to Lloyd for digging the ditch to run the power down to the cattery!


This coming weekend will bring more progress for the quarantine area/cattery, with our first working bee! The goal this weekend is to get as far through the renovating of the existing buildings as time and weather permits – watch this space! And our electrician will be popping along to to get stuck into wiring us up for lights, power points etc mid next week. It’s all happening!

Also, this week Michelle was presented with a certificate from the Harcourt Foundation at the Scottsdale branch of Harcourts Real Estate to recognise our successful grant application. The support from these guys has been terrific and the money we scored from the grant has made a huge difference in the timing of the cattery – we DESPERATELY needed this cattery to be completed before kitten season commences, and we are well and truly on track. Thanks Harcourts!


On the pet front, Duchess’ trial was finalised this week, and she’s officially left us  for her new home! Congrats to Duch and her new owners, she’s a special soul and deserved her new home ❤

In brilliant rehoming news, we’ve had a massive week for starting trials – both Pepper and Patch, the Irish wolfhound x Dalmatian pups have gone out on trial in their hopeful forever homes, as has Teddy, Cinnamon and Ellen! Fingers crossed for their success!


We’ve also welcomed back Mary Kate to find her forever home. Our goal is to  rehome all of our four legged residents prior to kitten season so we can start with a clean slate – if you’ve been thinking about a new addition but don’t want to drama of having to train up a tiny baby kitten, now is an excellent chance to hit us up! Our cattens (not quite kittens, not quite cats!) are all aged between 5 and 10 months, and of course there’s Ollie, a strapping 7 years old fluffcat. They’re all ready for their new homes, with all vet work up to date including all vaccinations – which means adopting from us is officially cheaper than getting a free kitten and paying for the work yourself.

And with a very busy (and very expensive) time nearly upon us, we’re in the process of creating a wish list of things we really need – kitty litters, food, cleaning products. Stuff we go through a LOT of. I’m hoping to share this next week!

I hope all of our NEASTers have had a great week, and have a wonderful weekend too!

Megan x

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