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Adoptee of the week!

Hey there NEASTers – anyone who follows us on Facebook (check us out, link is to the right of these posts!) would be familiar with our Adoptee of the Week concept – and we’re super pleased to report that it has been pretty successful for us so far!

So this weeks Adoptee of the Week is…. ELLEN!


Ellen is an approx. ten month old domestic shorthair x oriental. She is a chatty young lady who loves to hang out with you, snuggle and bend your ear about whatever it is that young ladycats love to yak about (who knows? Boys? Politics? Climate change? Why you smell like strange cats? We’ll never know). She is a bit of a clown and is super entertaining – living with Ellen will not be boring, rest assured. She has a lot of personality and isn’t afraid to show it.

Ellen is perfectly happy to hang out with other cats and isn’t reactive towards them at all. Even when they box her around the head upon meeting… (Duchess held a much lower opinion of poor Ellen than we do!) Ellen also has met small children and is equally ok with these as well. In fact, Ellen absolutely loved the child she met during her trial, and when visited by a small girl here at the sanctuary beelined straight to her attention. Ellen is generally pretty chill. Except for two things – she can get slap happy with dogs (she failed her last trial due to her dominant behaviour with the family dog, and her toilet habits. Ellen is perfectly toilet trained as long as you let her have access to two litter boxes. She likes a clean toilet and if you fail to do this, she’ll pointedly remind you by leaving a puddle on your lino. I can’t hold that against her, I don’t like it when people forget to flush the toilet either.


Ellen (on the far left sunbaking) is enjoying her time at the sanctuary quite a bit, as you can see here, where she is hanging out with her other black cat buddies Marcel, Nero and Marla. We’re quite enjoying having her here too but it’s time she moved out and found her feet in a new home, because that is what she deserves. She would make a terrific pet in a family home, and we have fingers and paws crossed that she finds this super soon. Do you think it could be with you? Please contact us at the  North East Animal Sanctuary Tasmania if Ellen sounds like your newest soulmate!

Megan x

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