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Meet Tilly and the Tigers!

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

We have a lot of kittens who are available or will be ready for adoption very soon. First up, say hello to Tilly and her kiddos. This protective mum and her four stripy balls of ridiculous are currently in foster care on the east coast.

Exhibit number one - Tiger Monkey! Her name is really just Monkey, but we have a black and white kitten named Monkey at the moment too, so if this Monkey tickles your fancy, ask us about Tiger Monkey...

She is the most outgoing of the Tiger family, generally the first to get into new things or dive on the latest toy. She has a pattern of stripes and spots, orange 'sleeves', and an orange spot on her forehead.

* UPDATE - Monkey has now found a home! Hooray! *

Next up, Graphite, named after his grey paws that look like they have been coloured with pencil. He's a bit more chill than his siblings, but that's chill on the kitten scale, so you might not be able to tell...

* UPDATE - Graphite now has a home! *

Their brother Mikey, who has white feets and a kind of dark cape down his back. He got his name from his affinity (like a certain Miley) for the 'wrecking ball' toy that hangs on the climbing tree.

UPDATE - Mikey is still available.

Their sister Hoity, possibly a hoity-toity tortie, but she's really just as cute and sweet as her siblings.

* UPDATE - Hoity has now found a home!*

And mum Tilly. Dad must've had a strong tabby gene, huh? Tilly will need a kind and patient adopter, as she does like having people around, but sometimes, because Reasons, she will give you a chomp. She also has not been keen on other cats and may terrorise dogs. Hopefully she will chill out more once her kids leave her and she's been desexed.

UPDATE - She is having her surgery at the end of the month.

A few videos. There's heaps more on the YouTube channel.

And keep scrolling down for even MOAR photos. :D

As promised, more photos! I tried putting them in a slideshow to save space, but they're not all the same dimensions and some got cropped, so I did them like this:

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