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Bonnie and Cyrus's weight loss challenge

Meet our new lovable labradors, Bonnie (black, 5.5 years old) and Cyrus (chocolate, 7.5 years old). These two lovely big chonkers came into our care due to their owner having to go into care himself.

As you can see, both Bonnie and Cyrus are overweight (quite dramatically in Bonnie's case). Isolation snacking has hit these two HARD. Seriously tho, they both went off to the vet for health checks, blood panels, vaccinations and neutering for Cyrus (so he already lost a bit of weight 😜) Lucky for us, one of our awesome vets at Scottsdale, Colleen, put in a good word for us with Hills, and we are now working on a plan of action to help these gorgeous doggos lose weight and live their very best lives.

If you would like to support Bonnie and Cyrus on their journey from Chunky Lady to Spunky Babe, and Chonky Floofer to Hunky Woofer, we'll be doing monthly weigh-ins at our vets and you can pledge any dollar amount you like per kg lost - $1, $5, $10 per kilo, it's up to you.

Payable each month after weigh-in day. For purposes of planning your budget, our vet is aiming to get Bonnie to lose 25kg and Cyrus 13kg over the next 6 months.

Please contact us with your pledge and remember all donations $2 and over are tax deductible!

Starting weights:

Bonnie - 55kg

Cyrus - 43kg

Stay tuned here or on our Facebook page for updates!

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