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Tuesdays with Tim - August 20, 2019

Yes, I did make it to NEAST this week! But there are not many photos to show, because I spent ages in the small cattery, then it was a bit gloomy by the time I got to the large one, so most of the things I did came out like this:

Note also that this video has captions, because captioning is what I do for my day job and I couldn't help myself. If you're hearing-impaired / wondering what on earth I'm saying in any of my videos that have sound (some of them don't), please request and I'll caption more of them.

I will try to go to the big cattery first next week, as all the kittens now have names and microchips (except for Licky, but Licky is licky and can be identified by the fact that he doesn't go 'bleep') so I can tell you who they are, etc.

But what was the attraction of the small cattery? Well, apart from needing to check in to see if Fluff could be made less angry with a gift of meat... (Answer: no, but he probably came out of his igloo and ate it later) ..guess who is living in there?

Don't pretend you don't know who this is by now. He and his sister have already hogged more space in this blog and on the YouTube than anyone else.

Your mission is to come and visit them, be entirely unable to resist, and to carry them off to live with you so that somebody else can get a bit of airtime.

That's about it for now. Until next time, and please watch out for monsters under the bed...

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