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This week with Tim - August 8, 2019

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Here is this week's promised blog post, finally!

I started the day picking up two new friends - brothers Nikola and Tesla. (That's actually Tesla on the left, with black inside his ears) They were very quiet and well-behaved on the drive. Now they are stuck in quarantine for a while, but hopefully they'll fit in well with the other cats once they're cleared, and then go on to find new homes. Their benefactor sent them to us because there are other older tomcats in her area that keep bashing them up.

Next, I got into the smaller cat building for the first time, where I met Dexter, Casper and Fluff, plus Willow again, who is suspected of having a virus that is harmless to her and older cats, but was making the kittens in the larger building sniffly.

Willow says, "How am I even still here? Adopt me, I am SO CUTE."

Dexter is very friendly and fun. He is also an interesting colour - grey and... pink? He is having more some vet work done to find out why he gets blood in his poo. Hopefully he can get sorted out! Otherwise he seems to be in great shape.

Casper is also very nice and wanted to be my friend right away. He's a bit of a chub at the moment. He's looking for a home on a farm or similar, because he has a bad habit of peeing on fabric - needs a place where he won't mess up any good furniture!

I didn't really get any good photos, so here's a vid of him fighting a thingybob.

Fluff, meanwhile, lurks in his bed doing a very good impression of the terrifying Gmork from The Neverending Story movie.

Clearly he doesn't like being stuck around strange humans and strange cats. I'm considering bringing him home to live in our old downstairs house for a while.

Later, in the other building, Clyde decided to have a nap on my camera bag, because reasons.

Lady Stardust and Jean Genie are stuck in cones because they got desexed the other day.

And of course Tom got into the storeroom for the umpty-billionth time. Inquiring minds want to know if he's finding any loose food in there!

That's about it for good photos this week. Don't forget to check the YouTube channel - there are eight new vids so far - more of Willow, Dexter and Casper, plus Woody and Jet get some good patting.

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