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This week with Tim - August 29, 2019

I'm starting to rethink the name of this blog, because in spite of intentions, my visits to NEAST have only been on Tuesdays half the time so far! This time the cause was a cheeky flat tyre, so I went on Thursday instead.

In the meantime, I managed to mostly finish the update to our Adoptions page, where you can see a complete list of who's currently available. There are longer bios for the dogs linked in the 'more about..' buttons, but the cat ones don't go anywhere yet.

Let's see, what happened on Thursday...

The cats all swarmed around me when I came in.

Lady Stardust decided she liked my legs. (You can't have her now, she's been adopted.)

And I got a nice pic of Popeye.

Charlie is sneezy this week. He's not very happy about it, but his sneezy face is pretty funny.

Then, some birdies were tweeting about outside, so everyone was occupied for a while. Felicia was even too busy to run away when I patted her on the back.

Charlie's brother, Sawyer, wondered what I was doing with the camera.

After that, I had to brave the kitten pen, because I needed some pics of them for the Adoptions page. I got stabbed a lot by their tiny knives, and most of the photos came out like this, ahem, masterpiece...

Jean Genie is also a bit crook this week.

(With Gabriel in left photo and Marilyn in right photo)

Later, I went to visit the small cattery. Dexter did amusing things like getting in the towels bag, and being a pair of grabbyhands under the old couch.

And Fluff continued to lurk menacingly in his igloo. I am having him come to live in our granny flat next week, where he can be less confined and hopefully cease to be the incarnation of existential horror. If you don't hear from me again, he has probably consumed my soul...

Don't forget to check the YouTube channel for new videos!

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