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Long time no blog!

Hello NEASTers, and anyone else who has found their way to our little blog ❤

It’s been a long time between blog entries – sorry about that. We like to think we have all the time in the world to keep these things updated, but then we have a week like the one we’re having now and… we don’t have time to scratch, let alone blog. But I’m making an exception for today to show you what we’ve been up to, so you can all get a peep behind the scenes of animal welfare.


It all started last Friday, with one of our committee members being handed a very very sad and sorry little kitten who had been abandoned. I’d love to say there was a happy ending to this particular story, but there wasn’t 😦 Poor little Rosie was taken to the vet as quickly as possible by one of our amazing supporters (thanks Lauretta) but had to be euthanised due to severe malnutrition, poisoning or possibly both. Her little body had just given up, and no matter how hard we were willing to fight, she had made the decision for us. We’ll never know Rosies story, or how she come to be in her position but it was a horrible reminder about what can happen when people don’t take proper care of their kittens, and what can happen when defenseless kittens are dumped. Rosie will now reside in our memories garden at HQ, with the other furry souls who have come into our care and sadly passed on. RIP Rosie, never forgotten ❤


Next came Nora, which is a much better story! Nora came into our care on Monday, as she was handed in to a northern Tasmanian council, and try as they did they were unable to find her a home themselves. This meant that poor Nora was due to be euthanised the very day that we phoned in to ask after her… needless to say, Nora is safe with us and will be available for adoption soon 🙂 Nora is a roughly 8 month old Kelpie x, very sweet natured and learning her manners with our foster carer. We don’t think she’ll stick around long!


Next came Bunny on Tuesday, after a worried message from a supporter. Bunny was a little stray 6 week old kitten, found abandoned (or possibly wandered there herself) near a local school ground. Lucky Bunny was discovered just in time by a great teenage lad called Riley, who knew she needed help (and fast!) and took her back to his home to look after her. I want to give Riley and his mum a huge shout out – I’ve no doubt without the quick work and gentle care by Riley and his family, little Bunny wouldn’t have made it as she has severe malnutrition (our vet struggled to find a muscle to inject on her, she’s a skinny little bag of bones), a bad dose of the cat flu that had rendered her blind due to her eyes crusting shut – this photo was post eye cleaning by the vet, and an extremely heavy flea burden (we manually removed 50 adult fleas ourselves, and many many more dropped off after treatment!) All these things mean she couldn’t and wouldn’t have made it much longer without vet care and treatment. Thankfully Bunny is now eating well, and loves to purr and snuggle. And now she isn’t full of fleas and worms, she can concentrate on growing a lovely little fat tummy that all baby kittens should have!


Tuesday also bought us Thomas, a very good looking young man! His owner wasn’t in a position to keep him due to travel, and surrendered him to us for rehoming. Thomas will be available soon, and we’re pretty sure we’ll find him the purrrrfect home quickly! Kudos to Thomas’ previous owners for raising such a lovely, healthy young lad!


Also, we have already organised the lovely Poppy to come into our care very soon. Poppys previous owner no longer wanted her, and her future was looking quite bleak unless she was able to secure a new home, and fast. Luckily we have some experience with the (occasionally!) tricky pei breed, and with the help from a number of people to transport and care for her between now and then, she is coming into NEAST care shortly.


And the most complicated, fiddly, long drawn out rescue of the lot? Pandora. This saga is so long she deserves a post of her own which will be happening super soon so watch this space, trust me it’s worth it! Pandora’s tale is one of mystery, disaster, elation, intrigue, elation and a big team of wonderful people banding together for a common goal. To rescue Pandora from certain death. Spoiler: Pandora here has a secret. Shhh.


And finally, we can’t forget Minnie – she didn’t come in this week, but a few weeks ago and she is ready to find her new home ❤ Minnie was another girl whose future was very bleak unless someone stepped in to save her, which our wonderful foster carer did. She has blossomed in care, and is a really lovely girl! A seven month old staffy x, she has a bubbly personality and will make someone a really great best friend.

So! Just a sneak look into the past week at NEAST HQ. Many many MANY hours of phone calls, Facebook messages, organizing, racing to the vets, rearranging and rescheduling our jobs… all on top of our usual responsibilities of training, feeding, poop scooping, cleaning, socialising, vet visits, paperwork, SO MUCH STUFF. It’s a good thing we (generally) love it.

Of course, all these intakes – esp ones with extra vet work required like Pandora and Bunny – take money. We have a number of kittens, cattens, cats and dogs in our care right now and our weekly expenses are mounting up, before we even factor in the extra vet work. We simply can’t do what we do without the awesome support of you guys – we appreciate absolutely anything you can donate. Keen to keep up the support? Setting up a monthly or weekly donation is the absolute best way you can help us out. Keen to help up but can’t commit to that? One off donations are also super appreciated – it all adds up! Ten supporters commit to donating $10 a month? Covers the spey surgery of a cat. Seven supporters do a one off donation of $20? There’s a 20kg bag of kitten dry. Don’t ever think your donations aren’t appreciated, no matter how big or small ❤ Donations can be made to…



Keep up the awesome work NEASTers, until next time when we bring you the Saga that was Pandora….

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