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It don't matter if you're black or white... or black and white...

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Hope you like black and white kittens, because we have a bit of an explosion of them here at NEAST at the moment. Now updated with videos.

Introducing Tallulah, Cyril, Paddy, Tasha and Sylvester.

(Plus there's more who haven't made it to HQ and into the range of Tim's camera yet, so there will probably be a part 2)

* Tallulah *

She looks like a cat, but she may quite possibly be a parrot in disguise.

* Cyril *

Tiny but mighty, and magnetically attracted to laps.

* Paddy *

Big, boofy and fun. A little too interested in shirt buttons.

* Tasha *

Cute and curious.

* Sylvester *

Nemesis of shoelaces.

And lo, the videos!

The best part in this vid is when the shoe wiggles, and Sylvester is ASTONISHED:

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