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In The Beginning!

Let me start by saying I’m not much of a writer so you won’t be seeing many blogs from me.

I’m not witty or verbally interesting but rather matter of fact the way I communicate (like any socially awkward person might be) as the founder of NEAST I get asked a few questions on a regular basis.

So without further ado here’s those FAQ’s answered.

  1. Why did I start NEAST?

As a socially awkward child/teen and adult I have always felt a certain affinity with animals and felt more comfortable with them than with most people.

I have always tried to help animals where I can,

Either by adopting (we have 7 of our own dogs – 2 being adopted via NEAST), cross posting and donating. I did contemplate volunteering but considering the nearest place is 2 hours from me it wasn’t really a viable solution.

I had always dreamed of having an animal sanctuary on my property but never had the money to do it, from a random comment to a local vet the realisation I COULD do it came about.

  1. Why do we ask our potential adopters so many questions and why do we do property checks/trial periods?

The animals that come in to our care rely on us to help them reach optimum health levels, as well as to get their vet work up to date and to sometimes rehabilitate them if they have come from a scary situation.

To ensure we find them their perfect match we first need to get to know them and in doing so we always fall in love with each and every one of them!!

By taking them into our care they rely on us to be the tool that guides them to the perfect home and family, whether that be as an only pet or to be in a home that has certain fencing requirements to ensure that it will keep them contained safely.

When we ask these questions we do so in the best interests of our charges.

We love these guys so making sure they are not moved around and unsettled too much is really important to us, although we do require a two week trial period to ensure that when you do get your furry friend home that you are indeed a perfect match not only on paper but in day to day life.

Our goal for each and every animal is to find that perfect family and home so that when they do go, it’s to a home that will ultimately be their forever happily ever after.

  1. Do we have time limits on how long animals stay with us?

Big and emphatic No, we are committed to finding the right home rather than the quickest or first one to come up.

Hope that’s answered some questions and not bored everyone to tears Lol….

Over and out from NEAST HQ (Michelle and Jethro-pictured)

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