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Have you met... Bonnie?

Bonnie's a bit of an elusive one, not always easy to find in the NEAST cattery. Most likely she would come out of her shell in a home of her own, given time.

There's a good closeup of her about 1 minute into this video:

Bonnie getting some pats. The patchwork orange cat, Jeanie, is now named Reggie and lives at my (Tim's) house. She is a good example of a shy and elusive one who came good after being adopted - in this vid she's only sticking around because she's not feeling well. These days she is perfectly friendly, if still independent, and rolls around and purrs a lot when patted. See her playing in the hallway along with Fluff in this video

Bonnie trying to chase a toy before being interrupted by Popeye and Tom, then going for a climb over to the window:

And finally, flinging a ball with a tail around:

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