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Have you met... Aretha and Felicia?

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Do you love your cats to be snooty, standoffish and judgemental... wait, wait, sorry - do you live only to serve at the feet of eternal Ethiopian queens, offering the worship and respect that is due to a goddess?

Couple of goddesses here, should you feel called to join their temple -

probably-Abyssinian-cross sisters Aretha (black) and Felicia (agouti).

Felicia usually keeps her distance, but Aretha likes to hang about nearby and glare at you menacingly.

No humans are required for their entertainment, except to supply the rustly bag:

It is possible, however, once you have passed their initiation (and/or you find them sitting in a sunbeam with another cat blocking their escape route) that pats may be allowed:

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