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Welcome to NEAST!

We are a small non-profit registered charity located in north-eastern Tasmania that provides a safe haven for abandoned, uncared-for and stray animals in need of help and rehoming.

All of our animals receive health checks, vaccinations, microchipping, neuter/spaying and flea/worm treatments, and are placed with foster families where possible, as they await their permanent homes.

NEAST is a No Kill sanctuary and we are dedicated to finding the right homes for our animals.

Please check our adoption page if you are looking for a new member of your family!

NEAST founder Michelle Jesson manages a litter of black and white puppies as they pose for a photo in a yellow bathtub.

* If this site is slow to load on your mobile device, you can find our available dogs on SavourLife Adopt-A-Dog

and our cats on NEAST Cats Videos on Facebook *

How you can help


Not yet ready to adopt or not able to at this time?

Fostering can be a wonderful alternative for short or long term care.

Maybe you have a spare weekend where you can give a long term carer a little holiday?

Maybe you might feel able to help an animal recover after a surgery. No matter your situation, if you feel that you could make a difference, please contact us.




We often take on animals who require extensive veterinary treatment.

Please consider becoming a regular donor to help us to continue saving lives.

One-off contributions are also greatly appreciated.
NEAST is a registered DGR, so donations over $2

are tax deductible!

BSB: 067 407

Account no: 1016 3588


baby maverick.jpg



Join us on social media!

We post regular news and updates on our Facebook page, plus you can check in with what funny things our feline residents have been up to lately on NEAST Cats Videosour blog and YouTube.

Thank you to Vetafarm, our sponsors!

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