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Weekly wrap up #8!

Hello again NEASTers! It’s that time again – and we’ve had quite a positive and progressive week at NEAST HQ!

Lets start with the great news – our gorgeous Ollie and sweet Marco were both finalised this week and have left us for their forever homes! Marco (and his sister Marla) were our two longest standing residents, so it was brilliant for him to finally find his people! Now just to find one for Marla…

marco ollie

Puddin has also gone out on trial this week – fingers crossed for her! We hope to bring you great news on her progress super soon!

Today saw Michelle, Tara and Rob get stuck into another working bee! Michelle and Tara were kept busy working hard on the open room in the cattery, filling in any gaps, screw holes, knots and splits and then painting the outside beams. Rob was able to fit our second window, complete hanging the last of the plaster sheets in the quarantine area and blocked up the entrance to stop the birds nesting (Spring! Gotta love it). Unfortunately, Michelles phone has gone walkabout and we’re unable to share any photos from today… we’ll make up for it next time, we promise!

As previously announced on this post, we have commenced our annual raffle! Hit us up for tickets via here, our Facebook page, from Michelle or Megan if you know us… they’re selling well and we have TERRIFIC prizes!

After waiting and waiting for an owner to step forward for Colin… we have had his vet work completed and he is now up for adoption. This super sweet guy deserves a home! He’s affectionate, loves attention and is very soft! We’re guessing he’s approx 6-8 months old based on his size, but as he came in as a stray it’s anyones guess – he is most def under a year old though. Does he look like your kinda guy? Drop us a message!


We have finalised our drop off points for donations now – we hope we’ve got one for everyone who is keep to support us! You can find our drop off baskets at:

  1. My Pathway Launceston (Boland Street, above Centrelink)

  2. Begents Scottsdale (on the corner opposite Woolworths)

  3. North East Vet Clinic (Quail Street, St Helens)

  4. Thrifty Links Hardware (Emily Street, Bridport)

And a little reminder for those keen… here’s our wishlist of items we use A LOT of.


That about wraps us up for this week… thank you all for your ongoing support – we couldn’t do this without you. This sanctuary stuff can be hard work, but knowing we have you guys behind us makes it a thousand times easier ❤ Take care, NEASTers!

Megan x

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