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Have you met... Marilyn?

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

**UPDATE - Marilyn has been adopted!**

Do you need more cat content to tempt you visit the far-off land of Herrick and meet them all in person?

Here it is!

Behold, it's Marilyn!

Marilyn's sitting on the cat tree, and Ziggy jumps up. Marilyn not sure she approves.


Marilyn chases the ball around the ball race.

Marilyn turns up in this one about 58 seconds in. Turn the captions on - I've used them to nametag all the cats.

She appears briefly at the start of this one, sitting next to Tom (orange) and Felicia (agouti), but then goes off somewhere else.

She requires pats about 40 seconds into this one:

Something high up needed looking at...

And finally, a ping-ponging yellow ball needed chasing!

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